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Water proof test chamber
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512L Electronic Product Water Resistance Test Machine
    512L Electronic Product Water Resistance Test Machine

    Product classification:Water proof test chamber

    Port: Shenzhen,China

    Min.Order: 1 Piece

    Customized: Customized

    Power Source: Electric

    Production Capacity: 100 sets Per Month

Detailed introduction

512L Electronic Product Water Resistance Test Machine


Water proof test chamber based on protection grade,simulates the outdoor raining climate to do the water proof performance test,determine the products reach the corresponding protection grade pr not,so that product design,research and development and factory inspection. 


Water resistance test machine mainly applies to communications products, auto parts (such as automotive rear-view mirror, car audio, automotive electronics, automotive lighting, car lights, motorcycle lamps, motorcycle mirrors), outdoor lighting and signaling devices.

Why choose Yuanyao's chamber:

1. Digital setting, operating easy, maintenance quickly.

2. Design consider auto maker's sand electronic industry testing.

3. Adopt large viewing glass can let operator see the specimen clearly.

4. Water pressure and flow rate adjustable.

5. Unique sprinkler can stably control the rain quantity and pressure.

6. This equipment (Model B) can make the test products' temperature rising from RT-85°C.

7. Inner case's material is imported steel plates; Shell is made of #304 stainless steel.

Technicial parameters

Model No.YSRT-500YSRT-1000YSRT-1728
Inner chamber size W×H×D(cm)80×80×80100x100x100120x120x120
Exterior chamber size  W×H×D(cm)125×180×340145x200x360165x220x380
Rain drop area (IPX1-IPX2)60x60cm60x60cm, 80x80cm80x80cm, 100x100cm
Swing pipe radius (IPX3-IPX4)30cm40cm50cm
Rotary table diameter&load50cm,50KG60cm,50KG80cm,50KG
Spray nozzle diameter & jet distance                        (IPX5-IPX6)6.3mm(IPX5),12.5mm(IPX6); 2.5~3m
Water flow and jet distance               IPX1-IPX61~1.5mm/min(IPX1),3~3.5mm/min(IPX2);                       1.1L/min(IPX3),1.8L/min(IPX4);      12.5L±0.625L/min(IPX5),100±5L/min(IPX6)
Rotating speed of rotary table1~5r/minajustable
MaterialInner chamberSUS#304 stainless steel plate
External chamberCold rolled sheet + powder coating
Other componentsIndoor light, wiper, caster adjuster
Power supplyAC 3Ψ 380V 60/50Hz
Customization serviceNon standrad special requirement can be customized.

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+86 13926819592
+86 13926819592

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