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Transportation vibration tester
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Simulated Package Transport Vibration Tester
    Simulated Package Transport Vibration Tester

    Product classification:Transportation vibration tester

Detailed introduction

Simulated package transport vibration tester

Transport vibration tester is in compliance with United States and European transport standards, and with reference to the United States of similar equipment to improve manufacturing. The use of eccentric bearings in rotating elliptical trajectories generated to simulate a car or ship the goods during transport the vibration of the collision. Test platform will be fixed on the eccentric bearing, when the eccentric bearing rotation, the test platform for the entire plane would produce an oval-shaped upper and lower front and rear movement, adjust the eccentric shaft with the rotation speed is equivalent to adjust the speed of motor vehicles or vessels.

1 The careful design of the moving coil skeleton, has higher first-order axial resonant frequency.
2 Light armature, high stiffness, 4000 Hz frequency.
3 Computer connecting line control, immediately store materials.
4 Display controlling chart.
5 Low resistance and high performance design, high efficiency, low cost.
6 High reliability, low fault. 6 Best after sales service: One year free parts maintenance.
7 Customization is available & welcomed.

Technical parameters:

Vibrator ModelGV100/25GV200/25GV300/25GV300/40GV500/25GV600/25
Frequency Range(Hz)2-40002-40002-40002-25002-30002-2500
Max. Exciting Force(kg.f)100200300300500600
Max. Displacement(MMp-p)252525402525
Max. Speed(cm/s)150150160120150150
Moving Coil Weight (kg)2.52.54966
Moving Coil Circular(mm)140140150225202202
Vibrator Weight(kg)220250240760690700
Power Amplifier ModelSA1KSA2KSA3KSA4KSA5KSA6K
Power Amplifier Weight(kg)210210250300300320
Cooling MethodForce-Air Cooling
Power Amplifier Size(L×W×H)mm720×545×1625720×545×1625720×545×1625720×545×1625720×545×1625720×545×1625
Power Source[k.w]AC 1Ψ 220V/50Hz;3Ψ 380V 50Hz
General Power(KVA)56691718 

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These information just for your reference, if you are interested in our transport vibration tester, please feel  free to contact us, we will happy to help you.

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