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Xenon lamp aging chamber
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ISO-4892-2 Standard Solar Xenon Test Chamber
    ISO-4892-2 Standard Solar Xenon Test Chamber

    Product classification:Xenon lamp aging chamber

Detailed introduction

ISO-4892-2 standard xenon test chamber


Xenon test chamber adopts the xenon arc lamp that can simulate full sunlight spectrum to reproducedestructive light waves existing in different environments so as to provide the corresponding environment simulation and acceleration test for scientific research, product development and quality control. 

1 equipped with blackboard thermometer to adjust the test temperature in the chamber.
2 can control xenon arc lamp light time.
3 Control water spray cycle.
4 Water circulation. 
5 automatic constant temperature(circulating water cooling)
6 LCD touch screen controller can independantly control water spray, light, temperature, humidity, rotary table.
7 large glass observation window 
8 water shortage and over temperature faulty alarm.
9 irradiation meter displays light intensity in the chamber.
10 Customization is welcomed and available.
11 Equipped with castors and feet, which helps users to move the test chamber easily.
12 One year free accessories maintenance.

Technical parameters:

Model No.YXEL-225YXEL-480YXEL-600YXEL-800YXEL-1200
Inner size(W*H*D)mm500*700*600800*1000*600800*900*850900*900*9001000*1200*1000
Xenon lamp power(Kw)2.2 KW air cooling type,3.3/4.5KW water cooling type
Temperature rangeRT+10ºC~80ºC
Black Panel Temperature40-100ºC
Gumidity range (light)20%~70%R.H
Gumidity range (dark)20%~95%R.H
Accuracy rangeTemperature±0.1   humidity±1%R.H
Rainfall time1~9999h/59min adgustable
Rainfall cycle1~9999h/59min adgustable
Water supply systemBring filter,Automatic control by humidifying water. Cooling water loop xenon lamp
Wave length280nm~800nm
Irradiation capability50W/m2~1120W/m2(adjustable)
Irradiance deviation±0.1 W/m2

Besides xenon test chamber, we also can supply other different type environmental test chambe, such as:
1) Temperature/ humidity test series: Temperature humidity test chamber,  Walk in environmental room, Thermal shock test chamber,  High altitude low pressure simulation test chamber
2) Aging test series: Hot air oven, Vacuum drying oven, Air ventilation aging test chamber, Steam aging test chamber, Ozone resistance test chamber, Burn in test equipment
3) Weather simulation tes series: Rain spray test chamber, dust test chamber, Xenon lamp aging test chamber, UV test chamer 
4) Mechanical test series: High frequency vibration test machine, drop test machine , Glue dispensing machine etc.

If you are interested in our xenon test chamber, welcome to contact us.

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