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High frequency vibration tester
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High Frequency Vertical Vibration Tester for Battery Pack
    High Frequency Vertical Vibration Tester for Battery Pack

    Product classification:High frequency vibration tester

Detailed introduction

High frequency vertical vibration tester for battery pack

Vibration Tester adopts " double magnetic circuit structure", " self generation skeleton moving coil", "air suspension bearing", " linear bearing and roller guide", " ear shaft vibration isolation" and other modern advanced technology and special technology, which can complete respectively three shaft sine vibration test and broadband random vibration test, complete the classic (half sine, trapezoid and after peak saw) pulse and shock response spectrum test.

Vibration tester is widely applied to national defense, weapons, aviation, aerospace, communications, electronics, electrical appliances, transportation, home appliances, etc.
1. The reliability is high, and the rate of fault is low.
2. The stay magnetic field of the vibration generator is little. This stray magnetic field doesn't disturb the test sample which are sensitive to magnetic field.
3. Utilizing the computer on line control and inputting data for immediate storage facilitate the control effectiveness and the control curve display.
4. The mass of armature is light. The stiffness of armature is high. The axial resonance frequency of armature is over 4000Hz.
5. The various parameters such as vibration frequency, displacement, velocity and acceleration can be monitored during the operating.
6. The design of low resistance and high performance is able to enhance the efficiency and to lower the cost of testing.

Technical parameters

                             Electrodynamics Type Vibration Test Machine
Rate sine force(N)98014701950294058809800
Radom force(N)98014701950294058809800
Shock force(bmx)19602940392058801176019600
Max acceleration(m/s2))4907359809809801176
Tated sppeed(m/s)1.751.151.751.61.52.0
Max load(kg)707070120200120
Comsumption power(KVA)
Power requirements  AC1∮ 220V /50Hz ;3∮380V50Hz
Vibration table

Model YE-200YE-200YE-200YE-300YE-600YE-1000
Armature weight(kg)2222.75.68.3
Table sizeφ110φ110φ110φ150φ200φ200
Table weight (Kg)320320320450630940
Table dimension(L*W*H)mm600*500*650600*500*650600*500*650730*550*650730*580*660830*680*820
Power amplifier

Max output(KVA)1123512
Over dimension(L*W*H)mm720*545*1625
Vibration controller(optional)YEVC-2,YEVC-3,REVC-2,REVC-3
Cooling wayAir cooling
Test StandardsGB/tT13310-1991, GB2423.10-1995,JJG190-1997,IEC68-2-6, Q/320502SN001-2002
RemarksPower amplifier-YA model linear power amplifier, KA-Switch power amplifier, 
Controller-YEVC sine vibration controller; REVC series-random vibration controller

Except High frequency electromagnetc vibration tester, we can also supply:
1) Temperature/ humidity test series: Temperature humidity test chamber,  Walk in environmental room, Thermal shock test chamber,  High altitude low pressure simulation test chamber
2) Aging test series: Hot air oven, Vacuum drying oven, Air ventilation aging test chamber, Steam aging test chamber, Ozone resistance test chamber, Burn in test equipment
3) Weather simulation tes series: Rain spray test chamber, dust test chamber, Xenon lamp aging test chamber, UV test chamer 
4) Mechanical test series: High frequency vibration test machine, drop test machine , Glue dispensing machine etc.

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