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Steam aging chamber
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3 Drawers Steam Aging Test Chamber
    3 Drawers Steam Aging Test Chamber

    Product classification:Steam aging chamber

    Port: Shenzhen,China

    Min.Order: 1 Piece

    Customized: Customized

    Power Source: Electric

    Production Capacity: 100 sets Per Month

Detailed introduction

3 drawers steam aging test chamber


     The main application fields of steam aging tester mainly include the following aspects, such as metal plating, hardware plastics, hardware products, hardware home, sports equipment, plastic plating, metal products, baking varnish, automobile and motorcycle parts, auto parts, sanitary ware , chemical coatings, electronic appliances, bicycle equipment and accessories, plumbing equipment, fasteners, screws, magnetic materials, locks and other related aspects, which will also reflect such a concept, which is likely that many devices are in use The environment in which steam is encountered, or related equipment is more susceptible to related infringement.



1: Inner and outer box materials: SUS304 stainless steel. Beautiful appearance, not easy to age

2: Water level control: one stainless steel water tank is attached. It can be manually added with water or external water pipe. When the water level is low, the instrument can manually or automatically replenish water. The experiment is not interrupted. 3: Japan Omron temperature control. PID control, SSR output. Temperature is more accurate. More reliable quality at high temperatures

4: Timer: Diversified settings, (can be set seconds, minutes - seconds. minutes, hours - minutes. hours.) with power-off memory function. After power failure, call again to continue working according to the set time

5: The full detection system is used, and the light is displayed when the fault occurs, which is convenient for the operator to know the condition of the equipment in time.

6: Heating system: The heating tube is made of titanium tube. Not easy to corrode and last longer

7: High stability platinum probe with less error

Technicial parameters:

Test area size W×D×H(cm)10×5.4×26(3 sets)10×5.4×26(4 sets)10×5.4×26(6 sets)
Exterior chamber size W×D×H(cm)53×70.5×54.968×70.5×54.983×70.5×54.9
Temperature  range
Temperature fluctuation±0.3℃
Temperature resolution±0.1℃
Heating time45 min
MaterialExterior chamber materialSUS#304 Stainless steel
Interior chamber materialSUS#304 Stainless steel 
Insulation materialFiberglass wool
Heating systemSUS# Stainless steel high speed heater
Control systemButton type digital display controller
Safety deviesOverheat protection circuit breaker,dehydration and over-heat prevention mechanism,over-load indicator
Power supplyAC 1 Phase 220V 60/50HZ
Customization serviceNon-standard or special requirements are all welcome

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