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High altitude low pressure chamber
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High altitude low pressure chamber
    High altitude low pressure chamber

    Product classification:High altitude low pressure chamber

      Port: Shenzhen,China

      Min.Order: 1 Piece

      Customized: Customized

      Power Source: Electric

      Production Capacity: 100 sets Per Month

Detailed introduction

High altitude low pressure chamber

High altitude chamber is named high low temperature and low pressure(various altitudes up to 100,000 feet) standard test chamber, mainly used in aviation, aerospace, information, electronics and other fields to check the environmental adaptability and reliability of instrumentation, electrical products, materials, parts and equipment under simple low pressure, high temperature, low temperature or all these conditions.



● Temperature range from -70 to 170℃
● Altitude range ground to 100,000 feet
● External pressure type
chamber body structure and stainless steel tank design, rational air circulation system and scientific layout of heating, refrigerating system.
● Adopts international brand of imported parts for cooling system to improve operation reliability
● High precision and stable performance with touch screen controller, friendly Man-Machine interface.
● Multiple layers of safety device to easy maintenance.
● Viewing window and cable ports available
● Vacuum pump sized for climb/dive rate required by application


Corresponding test standard:

GB10590-89  Low-temperature and low atmospheric pressure testing condition

GB10591-89 High-temperature and low atmospheric pressure testing condition

GB11159-89 low atmospheric pressure technical condition

GB/T2423.25-1992 Low-temperature and low atmospheric pressure test chamber

GB/T2423.26-1992 High-temperature and low atmospheric pressure test chamber

GJB150.2-86 High-temperature and low atmospheric pressure(Altitude) test

IEC60068-2-1.1990 Testing methods of Low-temperature test chambers

IEC60068-2-2.1974 Testing methods of High-temperature test chambers


ASTM D2436

JIS K7212

DIN 50011


Mil-Std 202G (conditions 105C, A/B/C/F)

Mil-Std 810G (condition 500.5)

IEC 60068-2-39

IEC 60068-2-40


JIS W 0812


Technicial parameters

Inner chamber sizeW×H×D(cm)  40×50×4050×60×5050×75×6060×85×80100×100×80100×100×100
Exterior chamber sizeW×H×D(cm) 60x172x120121×160×125121×175×135131×185×155171×200×155171×200×175
Test temp.range-60℃~150℃
Heating time 3℃/min(+20℃~+150℃、RP、empty load)
Cooling time1℃/min(RP、empty load)
Pressure rangeRP~0.5KPa 
Pressure control error±0.2kPa(≤2kPa),±2(2kPa~40kPa),±5%(≥40kPa)
Depressurization time≤45min
Exterior chamber materialColled sheet plate+Powder coating
Inner chamber materialSUS#304 stainless steel plate
Insulation materialPU
Air circulation systemCentrifugal fan
Heating systemSUS#stainless steel high speed heater
Cooling systemCompressor+condenser+evaporator
ComponentsSample shelves 2pcs, electronical wire 1pcs(3m), pressure test port
Safety protection deviceOverheat protection circuit breaker
Compressor overload protection
Control system overload protection
Overload indicator phase sequence protection
High voltage and low voltage protection
Over temperature protection
Fan overcurrent protection
Power supplyAC 3Ψ380V 60/50Hz
Customization serviceNon-standard or special requirements are welcomed and available.

Company Introduction

Except High Altitude Low Pressure Chamber, we also can supply:

1) Temperature/ humidity test series: Temperature humidity test chamber,  Walk in environmental room, Thermal shock test chamber
2) Aging test series: Hot air oven, Vacuum drying oven, Air ventilation aging test chamber, Steam aging test chamber, Ozone resistance test chamber, Burn in test equipment
3) Weather simulation tes series: Rain spray test chamber, dust test chamber, Xenon lamp aging test chamber, UV test chamer 
4) Mechanical test series: High frequency vibration test machine, drop test machine , Glue dispensing machine etc.

If you want to know more about the vacuum oven,please feel free to contact me any time.
Welcome to inquiry and thank you for your reading!

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