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Temperature humidity chamber
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    Temperature humidity chamber

    Product classification:Temperature humidity chamber

Detailed introduction

Temperature humidity test chamber

ApplicationUsed for material performance test under different environment, such as heat, cold, moisture, heat and moisture, mainly applied in electronics, electrical appliances, mobile phones, communications, instruments, vehicles, plastic products, metals, food, chemicals, building materials, medical, aerospace and other industries.



Korea Samwontech controller5 different language

Automatic water filling (optional)

Access to PC remote control and monitoring

Customization services

With national patents 

 Model No.YTH-080YTH-150YTH-225YTH-408YTH-800YTH-1000
 W×H×D (cm)
    Inner chamber size(cm)
 W×H×D (cm)
    Exterior chamber size (cm)
 Temperature range -70℃,-60℃, -40℃, -20℃, 0℃~150℃,other temperature can be   customized
 Humidity range 20%RH~98%RH(low humidity10%RH~98%RH or 5%RH~98%RH can be customized)
 Temp.humi.fluctuation ±0.3℃;±0.5%RH
 Temp.humi.uniformity ±2℃;±3%RH (empty load, 30 minutes after stablization)
 Heating&cooling  time ℃/min Heating rate 3℃/min,cooling rate 1℃/min(average rate, non-linear change)
 Exterior chamber material Cold rolled plate + Powder coating
 Interior chamber material SUS#304 Stainless steel
 Insulation material PU+ fiberglass wool
  Circulation systemCentrifugal   fan air circulation system
 Heating system SUS# Stainless steel high-speed heater
 Humidification system Electrothermal steam humidification
 Dehumidifying ADP critical dew point cooling /   dehumidifying method
 Refrigeration system Compressor + Finned evaporator + Air(Water)   cooled condenser
 Controlling system Touch screen controller+SSR+PID
 Other componentsVacuum   glass observation window
    Test hole (50mm)
    Control status indicator
    Interior light
    Loading shelf (2pcs, height adjustable)
Safety protection device Overheat protection circuit breaker
     Humidification system overheat   protection
     Compressor overload protection
     Control system overload   protection
     Overload indicator
     Phase sequence protection
     Water shortage protection
     High voltage and low voltage   protection
     Over temperature protection
     Water supply delay protection
     Fan overcurrent protection
 Power supplyAC 1Ψ   220V; 3Ψ 380V 60/50Hz 
 Customization service Non-standard or special requirements can be   customized.

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