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Vacuum oven
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72L Precision Vacuum Oven Dry Euipment
    72L Precision Vacuum Oven Dry Euipment

    Product classification:Vacuum oven

    Port: Shenzhen,China

    Min.Order: 1 Piece

    Customized: Customized

    Power Source: Electric

    Production Capacity: 100 sets Per Month

Detailed introduction

72L Precision Vacuum Oven Dry Euipment


Vacuum drying oven can provide a stable test space for preheating, drying, changes about physics testing .It supplies precision temperature controller with high stability of platinum resistance to temperature that makes temperature well-distribution. it can operate at temperatures as high as 300℃ . It has a rugged, high quality pressure chamber, gasket seals, and pump are features to look for, as well as convenient, programmable controls and a computer interface. Vacuum drying ovens are also available with specialized features such as solvent recovery or residual gas analysis to prevent over drying.


Vacuum drying oven is widely applied to circuit boards, electronic component, photoelectric device, electroplating metal, plastic chemical industry, printing industry, processing coating, ceramic glass and transformer, inductance coil, motor coil baking, drying, aging, etc

Why choose Yuanyao's vacuum oven:

1. Using high quality cold-rolled steel plate, coated with electrostatic powder spraying; the coat is hard and firm, with strong rust resistance.

2.The studio is made up of high quality 5.0 stainless steel plate, which has round shape and is smooth ,fluent and easy to clean.

3. Full of superfine glass wool thermal insulation material between the box and the studio,what brings good heat preservation. That can effectively guarantee the stability and accuracy of the temperature in the box and the influence to the environment.

4. Vacuum drying chamber has a double-layer tempered glass door , users can observe items being heated inside the machine clearly and has good heat insulation effects. The operator can avoid being burned.

Technicial parameters:

Model No.YVO-072YVO-270YVO-480YVO-600YVO-720YVO-1000
Internal chamber size (W*H*D) cm40×45×4060×90×5080×100×60100×100×60100×120×60100×100×100
External chamber size (W*H*D) cm72×116×5693×163×67110×172×77130×172×77116×170×116116×150×166
Temperature rangeRT+25℃~200℃(Max. 400℃)
Vacuum degreeNormal pressure to 3K Pa (Min 5 Pa can be customized)
Temp fluctuation±3%
Control resolution0.1
Heat-up time RT+25~200<90min 
External chamber materialCold rolled sheet + powder coating
Interior chamber materialSUS#304 Stainless steel 
Insulationfiberglass wool
Heating systemSUS#Stainless steel high-speed heater
Control systemButton type digital display controller
Vacuum systemVacuum pump + solenoid valve + vacuum gauge
Power supplyAC 3Ψ 380V 60/50Hz
Customazition service
Non-standard or special requirements can be customized.

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