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High frequency vibration tester
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    High frequency vibration tester

    Product classification:High frequency vibration tester

Detailed introduction

Electrodynamic high frequency vibration test machine


Application: It simulates the various vibrational effects encountered by the product in transportation, installation, and use environments to determine whether the product can withstand various environmental vibrations. It is widely used in defense, military, aviation, shipbuilding, optoelectronics, instrumentation, electronics, automobiles, research institutes, testing institutions and other industries.


Test standard: ISO、UL、GB、EN、DIN、JIS、CNS、CE、IEC、BS,etc.



* The base of the machine is made of high-quality materials, easy to install and run smoothly.

* There are many functions such as frequency modulation, frequency sweeping, programmable, amplitude modulation, time control, etc.

* Strong anti-magnetic and anti-interference ability; safe and reliable protection.

  Model No.YEV-300YEV-600YEV-1000YEV-2000YEV-3000
Rate sine force(N) 2940588098001960029400
Rated frequency rage(Hz) 5~4000 5~3000 5~3000 5~3000 5~2500 
 Rated acceleration (m/s2)   Empty load980980980980980
Rated speed (m/s)    1.81.8221.5
Rated replacement (p-p) mm2525505151
Max.testing load (kg)120200120300500
Power amplifierKA-3KA-5KA-12KA-15KA-30
Max.output (kVA)35122030
Weight of moving part(kg) for vertical table2.75.58.41825
Consumption power(kVA)49.7203040
Signal-to-noise ratio≥65dB
Input signal voltage≤1.5rms
Input resistance≥15VkΩ
Cooling way Air cooling
Continuous working time8h
Work environmentTemperature: 0~40℃ ; Humidity: ≤90%RH(25℃)
Power supplyAC 3 phrases 50Hz 380V±10%
Protect function1.   Grid overvoltage protection 2.Module overheat protection 3. System fault   protection 4. Grid undervoltage protection    5. Output overcurrent protection 6. External protection 7.   Overdisplacement protection 8. Output overvoltage protection 9. Zero signal   protection (reset 10. Substrate overheat protection 11. Module overcurrent   protection 12.Leakage protection

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