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The sales year-end kick-off meeting
Time:2019-11-14 15:23:14  Browse:times

 The sales year-end kick-off meeting

     Today afternoon, our company held a sales activity to inspire people to learn from outstanding people. Our sales department is divided into four groups, they are Feiying Team, Yongtuo Team, Dream Team and Menghu Team.

      The activity was start. First, the company awarded a prize to the employee who performed best last month, and the employee gave his acceptance speech. Second, all the staff in our sales department did a dance together. Third, each group said their team name, team slogan and team goal. And then, all of us read out the top ten military rules of Guangdong Yuanyao Test Equipment Co., Ltd. The main goal of the activity is to encourage everyone to learn from the excellent people, to inspire everyone’s fighting spirit.

      Here comes the big show, PK is the core of this activity. First is the group leaders’ PK. Second is the group members’ PK. Third is the groups’ PK.

      And last, all the members sang a song together, we hand in hand, solidarity, singing loud and clear.

      It can be concluded from this activity that there is both competition and cooperation among our employees. In our company, everyone competes with each other and makes progress together. When it is time to unite, we all unite as one.

     So, come and buy our products, wo have such an excellent team, there will be excellent products! Welcome to inquiry!

+86 13926819592
+86 13926819592

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